Year: 2015
Place / Event: Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015, Prague, Czech Republic
Type: Workshop
Organiser / Support: International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR)

Layers of Space took place in June 2015 during the 13th edition of Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (Prague, Czech Republic), as a part of curated artistic / educational event Shared Pedagogies: 4 experimental workshops in interdisciplinary pedagogy.

Launched as a series of performative events created particularly for the purpose of a closer observation and examination of the spatial consequences in participant’s experience, this project represented a specifically guided spatial practice. The practice in question, namely the Spatial Embodiment, relies on the elemental procedure – a clearly defined and articulated chain of actions, ultimately leading to the evolution of the participant’s individual narrative/space.

Confronted with the project’s protagonist – the abandoned building of the Electro-distribution in Prague – 6 participants were instructed to carefully perceive the environment and to sensually embrace it, in order to create and develop personal narratives, thus supporting the individual existence at that specific spatial spot. Resulting in two short performances, this project reinforced participants’ spatial imagination and has left the ruin marked with the new layer of meaning.