Year: 2017
Project Title:  Vista Pavilion
Place / Event: USITT/USA Prague Quadrennial 2019 Exhibit Design Competition
Type: Architectural design competition entry
Organiser / Support: USITT

The Vista Pavilion design project was submitted to the USITT/USA Prague Quadrennial 2019 Exhibit Design Competition, organized by USITT. Conceived as a recovered/reinvented perspective, The Vista Pavilion offers a space for the encounter. It is a beautiful white individual experience of place, of people, of culture, of the environment, of the Other.

Named after the Italian word for the view, Vista represents a spatial demarcation that offers a different perspective on borders. It defines an event-space by the horizontal and not the vertical planes.

While occupying this spot, the audience has the opportunity to look above and get introduced to the exceptional performance design practices – works chosen to be presented by the United States National Exhibition curator, by putting on the headphones, positioned across the pavilion.

The audience has also the possibility to look through the carefully designed holes in the landscape, and through the magnifying glass to see real actual scaled models stored and positioned in the boxes beneath the surface.

Also, the audience could choose to find their place in Vista, close their eyes and just enjoy the sound of the whole PQ turmoil – the environment around them. To have a silent moment and an intimate spectacle of a sort.

Nothing can happen unless it happens somewhere.

Meta Hočevar,
Play Spaces