Ephemeral spaces of EPHEMERA COLLECTIVE

Year: 2020
Project Title: Ephemeral spaces of EPHEMERA COLLECTIVE
Place: Novi Sad, Serbia
Type: Exhibition
Organiser / Support: Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture 2021

‘This area struck me as a dream of a place in the city and I thought to myself that soon it wouldn’t be this way any longer. For this reason, we filmed there. In all my films my criteria for choosing the setting has been how much longer they would be able to exist as they were, unchanged.’

(Defining Ephemeron – Rem Koolhaas quotes Wim Wenders: S,M,L,XL; 320)

Site-specific practices – a world-wide mainstream in the unconventional architectural and artistic research since the 70s, yet not so common in our local context, emphasize spaces and places as roots of any creative practice, to its extremes. After almost a decade of its national & international presence in the site-specific circles, Ephemera Collective brings home – to Novi Sad – a selection of work.

The exhibition Ephemeral Spaces of Ephemera Collective represents projects realized in a time period of 2012-2020, carefully selected to show diversity of approaches, to emphasize interdisciplinarity of collaborations, and above all other – to cherish unconventional education and all of the Ephemera’s amazing participants and their highly enthusiastic contributions to all of the work that has been done.

This ephemeral collection consists of eight projects, realized in Prague, Novi Sad, Manila and Edinburg in collaboration with our friends and supporters – Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ), The Envelope Room & The Grid Iron Theatre Company, De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, International Festival of New and Alternative Theatre (INFANT) & The Pasteur Institute in Novi Sad.

In addition to that, for the purposes of exhibition Ephemera has decided to offer an insight into one of its work in progress. This delicate project is a tribute to the beloved Summer Stage – marginalized, devastated and abandoned local place, that has marked the development of the collective’s practice, since its early days. In numerous attempts to not only freeze time in vanishing places, but to temporarily breath together with them, Ephemera has given its best to capture those fading spatial poetics and share them? with many others. Hopefully, planting a seed of interest for this special perspective.

Photography: Novi Sad, European Capital of Culture, V. Veličković