Year: 2017-2018
Project Title: Cultural Center PROSTOR
Place: Petrovaradin, Serbia
Type: Interior design
Organiser / Support: Association INBOX and The Street Musicians Festival

Ephemera Collective designed the interior of the new Creative Center PROSTOR, led by Inbox Art Association from Novi Sad, Serbia. The Center is situated in Podgrađe, Petrovaradin – a new location for The Street Musicians Festival, one of the major projects of the Association.

After the successful relocation of the Festival in 2016, its organisers developed a concept for a new meeting point and a space for creative agency within the area of Podgrađe, that will boost cultural activities in that part of the city throughout the whole year.

Artwork by Jovana Čajović and Stefan Jovanović

Photo by Bojan Stojković

Area: 195 sqm